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Goggle Perch Harry Potter

£9.99 Ex Tax: £9.99
  • Brand: madeulook
  • Product Code: gphp
  • Availability: 2


Unique To madeulook .Handmade from all re-claimed wood the Goggle perch will keep your glasses safe as sound while you sleep , at the office or any other time you require. Approx 6-7 inches x 4 inches wide ,stands on fixed base with hand turned glass nose holder..This is is a special Harry Potter style edition ,hand crochet Double pom pom Beanie hat in Harry Potter colours..We can add any name Free on charge EG   Jordan's specs etc ..Please note each Goggle perch is 100 % unique ,can have petina ,marks,small holes in wood etc...Great fun ,Great Prezzie. FREE UK COURIER.

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